Sometimes when you’re a parent of young, crazy kids, married with a house to run, a wild cat running around and you’re pregnant with a third baby, it can feel like you never actually enjoy yourself. You always feel like you’re on some kind of treadmill or hamster wheel. Working hard to keep everything going and never stopping to actually appreciate it all.

This past weekend Nick and I decided to slow down. He had had a really stressful week at work and I had been feeling quite wrung out so the weekend was marked out as a chance to just enjoy ourselves. We weren’t going to do housework, DIY or anything that didn’t just make us smile.

This past weekend continued the heat wave we’ve been having so after collecting everybody’s new sandals we spent Saturday in the playground watching the kids explore on conquer their fears. Rufus climbed to the top of the biggest slide and Eloise rode on the seesaw which was very high up off the ground.

Nick and I had a dinner of all our favourite nibbly food while watching a new television show. We didn’t go our separate ways to work on our own projects, but stayed together and chatted about all sorts of things.

Sunday was even better, with swimming at the local pool. Rufus has been slowly gaining in confidence and on Sunday he started to swim rather than just doggie paddle. He was so incredibly proud of himself and it was wonderful to watch. Eloise began to actually enjoy the water as apposed to looking like we were torturing her with the very suggestion of not letting her cling to us like a baby monkey. Back at home we had burgers (I have been craving them non-stop) and then filled the paddling pool, put the teepee outside and sat in the garden chairs just so that the kids could spend the rest of the day enjoying the warm sun, running in and out of the house, and just being kids.

This past weekend was the first time in a long time where we spent the whole two days together as a family. Nick and I talked about everything and the kids had so much fun that they were asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

I’m writing this post because it’s so easy to miss these moments, to get so caught up that life just becomes about getting from one task to another without ever enjoying the fruits of our labour. It’s that old saying that you should work to live, not live to work. It gets to a point that you struggle to remember when you last truly relaxed. No, it’s not always going to be possible to have days like these, sometimes things have to be done but I vow to make more of an effort to make room for moments of joy, moments where I will just enjoy my life because when all is said and done, I am a very lucky lady.