About Me

I am human and most likely if you’re reading this you’re human too and you know what? Humans are imperfect. We will make mistakes, we will look a mess, feel a mess and fuck up a lot. You know what else? It’s ok to be imperfect.

With the growing world of social media as our main form of connection with people outside of our immediate community we are becoming more and more accustomed to seeing the world and people’s lives through a very planned filter. Instagram is full of people showing the most beautiful, best and aspirational lives. People are making their living from sharing perfectly choreographed photos, with meticulously planned facial expressions and clothing choices. They’re showing a life that looks perfect, stress free and idyllic. But it’s not real. It gives me unattainable goals which leads me to feel like I’m constantly failing.

Don’t get my tone wrong. I am so in love with looking at these images. Some of them are truly artistic and beautiful to look at, but they’re NOT real. I will never look that polished without a huge team of people pulling and pushing me into shape. I will never have a house as tidy and clean as the shots I see and I certainly do not have children who will stand still and pose perfectly to convey the mood I’m aiming for.






My life is chaotic and untidy. I don’t brush my hair, I don’t always wash myself or my children as often as I should, we eat oven food at least twice a week and we watch a lot of television. My kids and I all suffer with hay fever so right now (mid June) we’re not even going outside in the sun because the discomfort level is not worth it so while others post pictures of lazy afternoons in the park we’re watching ‘Moana’ for the 150th time.

I am going to make a vow to you, dear reader, right here and right now. I will never hide the truth from you. I will tell you how many photos I took to get the ‘perfect’ shot of Eloise spinning in her favourite dress, I will show you the mess of toys in the living room at the end of the day. I will tell you that I haven’t showered for 4 days because life has got in the way. I will be honest. I will be brutally honest. That’s not to say that I will be negative about my life but I won’t sugar coat it either. My life is good, my children are wonderful and I am a very lucky and grateful person but my life is a mess and that’s ok.

I am a simple woman, living a chaotic life. I am a wife and mother. I have PND, PTSD, CFS and worst of all hay fever so I know what I’m talking about when I say things can get stressful. However, I’m just trying to make it through like everyone else, with a smile.